More Services

Custom Design

Work with Trio’s knowledgeable staff to create a piece of jewellery you can call your own. Choose to use Trio’s gold and gems or your own. Let your imagination go wild! Read more here.

Jewellery Repair

Trio is well known for repairing all jewellery, even costume jewellery and pieces other jewellers will not tackle.

Jewellery Alterations

In some cases, when subtle changes are preferred, we can make alterations to your jewellery to create a different look without melting down the entire piece. This may include changing a claw setting to a bezel setting, or changing a ring into a pendant, or vice versa.
We can also replace old and/or thinning ring shanks with thicker, and sometimes more modern ring shanks while utilizing the original top of the ring. This creates a more updated look while also strengthening the ring.

Cleaning & Polishing

At Trio, this service is complimentary and is done while you wait. Bring in your jewellery and leave with it sparkling like new!

Consignment Jewellery

Trio offers a large selection of “experienced” jewellery from modern to antique. We will examine your jewellery and determine the market value as a second hand piece. Once the amount for resale is mutually agreed upon, we will place your item(s) on sale. Upon the sale of your item(s), you will receive the net selling price, less our commission of 30%.


By appointment. Some items may be appraised while you wait.


We can have anything engraved for you from rings to medical alert bracelets to flatware. Engraving is done by hand or machine, depending on the type of engraving desired.

Watch Repairs & Maintenance

Our watch maker has over 50 years experience. We will provide an estimate for your wrist watch, pocket watch, or clock.



Trio offers plating for your jewellery, both genuine and costume. Plating options include a gold, rhodium, and silver.

Rhodium Plating…

Rhodium is part of the platinum family. If you are bored with some of your jewellery and need a change, rhodium plating is an inexpensive way of giving your jewellery a different look. It also gives you a chance to try out the look of white gold, without purchasing a new white gold item right away.

Depending on how you ‘wear’ your jewellery and the acidity levels in your body, rhodium plating can last for at least one year. It usually begins to wear at the bottom of rings, and sometimes any parts that are high and vulnerable. Earrings, pendants, necklaces, and chains are less susceptible to wear because they do not come in contact with as many objects. If the rhodium begins to fade on these items, it would be noticable mainly where it comes in contact with the skin.
When your jewellery becomes dull or the plating begins to fade, you can simply have it polished and re-plated.

Pearl & Bead Stringing/Re-stringing

Over time, pearl cord can become brittle and may begin to rot. This is due to the acid and moisture from our sweat, as well as age. It is a good idea to have the cord checked to determine what shape it is in. One sign of a deteriorating pearl cord is a yellow/brown appearance. Bring in your pearls and we will recommend the best solution. We offer re-stringing for all types of pearls and beads, with knots or without. We also offer a variety of modern and classic pearl clasps.


All jewellery is within your reach at Trio. With a 25% down payment, you can choose to make payments towards that item you just have to have with no pressure and no interest. Layaway is a great option for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and even that perfect engagement ring. Come in to discuss your options.
It is also possible to add stones to a ring or pendant or other piece of jewellery, depending on the design, at a later date. This is a great idea for couples who did not have elaberate wedding rings when married, and would now like to add to their original rings. Diamonds and some coloured stones can be set on or into ring shanks and other jewellery pieces. Never be afraid to explore the possibilities.