Appraisals for valuation, insurance, & estate purposes

No matter how careful you are with your jewellery, it might become damaged, lost, or stolen. Many people think that they are insured until something happens. Then they find that their homeowners or renters policy only pays for a small amount. Usually your jewellery must be listed on your policy with descriptions. An appraisal is often required, and an additional premium is also charged. Sometimes the jewellery is covered against loss, but the owner has trouble proving its value to the insurance company. Frequently people come into Trio with questions such as: “Can you give me a value of the ring you cleaned for me 7 months ago?” We do our best, but your negotiations with your insurance company are much easier if you have an appraisal. Our appraisals include a complete description, and one or more photos which are useful in identifying your jewellery if it is lost or stolen. Appraisals must be kept up to date. People are often disappointed when the amount of insurance will not replace a lost item.  If your appraisal is several years old, the value is probably incorrect. We will supply appraisal updates for clients at half price ($20) when the original appraisal was created by Trio, and is brought in along with the item(s). Be safe, not sorry. Book your appointment today!

We charge $40 for the first appraised item, and $25 for each item thereafter during the same appointment. An extra charge will be added for individuals requesting seperate appraisal pages per piece.